Tetra-tech.com is a website designed to show and teach people what technologies you can operate if you a physical disability. The disabilities I am going to be aiming the content of this website at are people who have trouble using there hands & arms.
I am a c5/6 tetraplegic I can control pretty much every aspect of my home using nothing but a iPad and the knuckle on my little finger. A few of the things i can control are:

television & sky box
music system
laptop or pc
front door lock
lamps, lights & heating

This is all possible using the iPad or other tablets running android or windows.

I will also list games that you can play with 1 finger and some tips for playing games that require a game pad controller. I have found ways to play some of my favourite games i thought i wouldn't be able to play again. Such as Civilization, Sim City & Final Fantasy if i can do it so can you. Now go and take a look around and hopefully you will find something that will improve your independence and quality of life.

If you need any help please ask me.
Also if you feel you can add content that will improve this site email me.